Membership benefits

Membership benefits

As a member of Avita, your company and its employees benefit from many of Avita’s membership services. Membership benefits for Avita members year are:

  • Discount price for courses and events organized by Avita
  • Discount price for courses organized by The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland STUL
  • Discount price for Avita Audiovisual Expo exhibition space
  • Legal advisory services through our partners
  • Visibility and classification information in the Avita Business Directory
  • Discount price for the Reliable Partner Program
  • Possibility to take advantage of AVIXA’s information, training and qualification solutions
  • Membership information for the entire company
  • Publication and information opportunities for a member company
  • Right to speak and / or voting rights in decision-making (depending on the membership type)
  • Collaboration in developing the industry

Advisory services

Avita’s office and network of experts also provide the following advisory services.

For member firms and communities

  • Finding a product, service, importer or partner
  • in contractual matters
  • in matters related to industry practices
  • developing a partner network (eg subcontractor / buyer and local partner)
  • in legal challenges (legal advisory services)

For end customers in the AV industry and for procurement entities

  • Finding a product or solution
  • Finding a potential bidder (service or contracting) or finding expert services (such as planning, consulting and procurement services)
  • Advice on taking care of the procurement process related to AV

For more information:
info@avita.org / tel. +358 50 4088 525